Race As Character

John F. Schmidt



Is race part of a person’s character? Does the fact you are born White, or Black mean that you are predisposed to a jail cell or the White House? That is what Hillary Clinton “preached” to a black church audience last week.


Clinton Cultural atrocities abound. Bill Clinton left us with many, such as the infamous quote concerning his guilt when charged with perjuring himself in the Monica Lewinski affair: he explained his testimony was not perjury because it depended “on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” Classic Clinton. He makes up his own moral code, his own justification for everything, and has his own dictionary of definitions, all conveniently crafted to exonerate him or extol him for whatever he has done, or wants to do. Truly he is a man who is always right in his own eyes.


Not to be outdone by her notorious husband, Senator Hillary Clinton spoke at the Trinity Baptist Church in the Bronx recently, lending her support behind “affirmative action” in the case of a civil rights lawsuit against the University of Michigan for discriminatory admissions practices. The University “tilts” the admissions scales by counting fewer credits to whites than minorities. They are unabashed practitioners of affirmative action.


President Bush has challenged the constitutionality of this practice in a friend of the court brief being filed before the Supreme Court. "At their core, the Michigan policies amount to a quota system that unfairly rewards or penalizes prospective students based solely on their race," he said. "Our Constitution makes it clear that people of all races must be treated equally under the law."


Never lurking far from the limelight, Mrs. Hillary Clinton sought to grab the support of the New York Black community by coming out in favor of affirmative action. She joined “the usual suspects,” Senators Daschle and Kennedy, in plans to file a brief before the Supreme Court supporting the University’s stand. 


“We are reminded once again by the events of the last year that there are those who don’t understand Dr. King’s dream and legacy,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Yes, we want to be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. But what makes up character?” she said. “If we don’t take race as part of our character, then we are kidding ourselves.” (As reported in the New York Sun, Jan 21, 2003)


The late Dr. King must be literally whirring in his grave to hear such radical twisting of his words. When he said that he dreamed of a time when his children would be judged “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” it is obvious that he was drawing a contrast between two opposite ways of judging a person. In Dr. King’s mind, race is emphatically not one of the components of character. Hillary thinks it is.


Which is the more cynical - the parishioners who cheered it, or the woman who uttered it? Who, Mrs. Clinton, is kidding whom?


I say “cynical” because I cannot believe that these people are stupid. The Clintons and dishonest leaders and members of racial groups who hope to unfairly profit from their patronage form a vast left wing conspiracy intent on seizing power by whatever means. In this corrupt crusade, both the Clintons have been standard-bearers. I wrote of this conspiracy last week in my article that appeared in conservativetruth.org.


Race is not character, thank God. History is replete with stories of men and women who have overcome enormous obstacles to excel in life, and thereby become inspirations to the rest of us. They are examples of what we can accomplish, if we would only choose to do right, think right and persist in the belief that our lives and futures are more than the sum of our circumstances and race and ethnicity.


Race and ethnic culture is the matrix into which we are all born by the grace of God. And by His Grace – no matter what our circumstances - we can excel if we choose to depend on Him, not Liberal Liars.